The Madfoodies go Camping!

Prince William Forest Campgrounds

People sit around all the time and talk about the things they would like to do. Travel, play sports and participate in many different activities. As a kid, I remember watching my brother prepare for a boy scout camping trip and all I could think about was being able to go with him. Of course he told me, No! I sat disappointed in our dining room and as he left, I thought to myself, one day I would go camping and no one would be able to tell me no. Well 52 years later, the opportunity presented itself. I was watching some youtube videos and came across one which I totally follow now called Fisherman’s Life. The smart young guy who produces the video not only fishes but showcases lots of camping gear. It took me back to my youth and my dreams to go camping with anyone who would take me seriously. You guys know that person is my partner in crime and fellow madfoodie Eric! I thought about the situation and knew that even he would need a bit of coaxing to open up to something neither of us had done before.

What does a girl do? She uses all of her favorite tools. Youtube for research; Amazon for access to all equipment and her zero balance Visa credit card.

Lolo sets up all the equipment they will need for Camping.

Once Eric said yes, ( He really had no choice, I had everything we needed from Camping cookware, Outdoor Camping Knife Set, Coffee pots and cups, Camping lanterns, Sleeping bags, a Coleman Tent and a propane stove. I went on the google and took care of the Campground Fee and the parking expense. By golly we were ready to go C-A-M-P-I-N-G!!!

Our tent that could have sleep 5 people comfortably.
Camping at Sunset.
Cooked Cod and Grilled Steak
Hot Crispy Bacon
28 Day Aged Steak for Dinner.

Cooking of delicious food made our overnight camping trip so much fun. The 28 degree temperatures that evening were the only thing that made the trip a bit trying. But I would do it again in a heartbeat! Camping as a Madfoodie is truly the way to go!

Madfoodie Lolo and Eric Camping at night.

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