The Madfoodies Take on City Winery in Washington D.C

Madfoodies take on City Winery

Wine, food and all that Jazz!  We experience that and much more at Washington D.C’s premier City Winery.   The Madfoodies settled in for evening of great eats and musical entertainment.  City Winery is a wonderful venue allowing wine lovers to partake in discovering delicious cuisine, new wines and live entertainment of all types.  This particular evening, we were so lucky to acquire tickets to view Smooth Jazz vocalist and a long-time good friend of Eric’s, Lori Williams.  Lori’s vocal stylings were so delightful and melodic to our ears you truly understand why she is moving up the Smooth Jazz vocal charts.  We are sure that we will continue to see and hear more from Lori in the future.

Our knowledgeable hostess started our evening with a Malbec that paired excellently with  the delectable Charcuterie Board  that had a selection of meats from near and far.   This was an awesome appetizer and tasty preview for the start of the evening.

Delectable Charcuterie Board

Mixed Slaw with Artichoke Spread

Shells and Cheese Fontina and Gruyere

Smoked Pork Belly with grilled corn salsa

Peaches & Cream with a vanilla bean panna cotta base, peach compote almond crumble and fresh thyme. 

Lori Williams soulful stylings provided lovely entertainment for the main course and ensured our dinner had a wonderful backdrop.  The Smoked Pork Belly with grilled corn salsa and the Mezze Plate of marinated olives, stone fruit chutney, spiced nuts, artichoke spread and grilled garlic bread were totally divine.

As for desert, I had to give the Peaches & Cream; a selection with a vanilla bean panna cotta base, peach compote almond crumble with fresh thyme.   It was a refreshing spin on the original dessert.  Eric and I enjoyed sharing this dish.

All and All I would say our evening at City Winery was a definitely foodie delight and I would recommend it to anyone visiting the Washington D.C area.

The Madfoodies preparing to enjoying the evening.

The Madfoodies with Magnificent songstress Lori Williams!

Excellent layout of Washington D.C’s City Winery

Spacious Seating for City Winery Guess

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