The Madfoodies rediscover Soul Food at Nigels Good Food, Part I.

Our Ten Year Anniversary….

Lolo and Eric have been on many adventures and our 10th anniversary was no different. Visiting family in North Charleston, Eric set up a lunch date for himself, Lolo and two family honorary madfoodies, Eunice & Anthony. Eric’s sister, Eunice, gave them a recommendation to tryout a restaurant named Nigel’s Good Food, specializing in what is called Low country or Gullah Geechee cuisine. To the millions of people in America, it is just called Soul Food. Trust what I say, lots of people put the label ‘soul food’ on different types of dishes, but they really have no ideal of what they are talking about.

Nigel’s Good Food showed us that they definitely know what Soul Food is. And their Soul Food is truly GOOD FOOD! Please take a look at what we tasted and savored that day.

This is gonna be GOOD!
Mouth Watering Geechie Wings
Bam’s Shrimp & Sausage Gumbo

Succulent Turkey Wings with gooey Mac & Cheese, Fried Cabbage and Collards.
Hot Honey Butter Corn Bread
Special Bite of Gumbo
Taste of the Hot Cheezey Mac & Cheese
Taste of Low Country Ravioli

The taste of the wonderful, Low Country Food at Nigel’s Good Food gave us a warm, homey feel in our souls and we the madfoodies can not wait to return.

Lolo and Eric with Eunice and Anthony ( Our honorary Madfoodies for the day)
A Wonderful employee of Nigels with Lolo
Yummy Peach Cobbler to go

The Madfoodies take on the restaurant “The Corner” in New Jersey.

Many neighborhoods have small restaurants that folks living in the vicinity can pick up a quick meal or a small bite to eat. The Madfoodies found such a place while visiting Bloomfield, New Jersey. But this diner had something with a little more panache The restaurant is called, “The Corner”. Don’t let the name fool you; it’s more than your usual Mom and Pop place to check out on a Friday night. The Corner has delights that will make your eyes dance like Sugar Plum Fairies and your mouth water non-stop. The following pictures are our compelling evidence and we had to showcase them on

Rosemary Shoestring French Fries

Smoked Salmon on Toast with Avocado and Poached Eggs

Mixed Greens with Watermelon Radish, Carrots, Sprouts and Sherry Vinaigrette

Mouth Watering Toast SamplerAvocado ToastProsciutto & Ricotta ToastOrganic Chicken Liver Toast

Savory House cured thick cut bacon

Eric & Lolo with another honorary Madfoodie

The Madfoodies check out the Impossible Burger

When it comes to food the mission is never impossible unless you are the Madfoodies and you are checking out the Impossible Burger at Bareburger. During a visit to Bloomfield, New Jersey. The Madfoodies were given a mission and they decided to accept it.

The Impossible Burger with Bacon. Oink and veggie. The best of both worlds.

Build your own burger and Fries. The fries were the BOMB!

The Blazing Bison Burger

Lolo Arnold and a Madfoodie honorary buddy go to an off broadway show after Bareburger.

The Madfoodies and a New York Summer!

The Madfoodies visit the Big Apple and get school about the city that never sleeps. The selections of food are too numerous to counts! So as only the Madfoodies can do, they will show you pics of everything edible they encountered.

The World Trade Center Station

Our first stop after getting off the World Trade Center was Bann Modern Korean Cuisine. Bann shows us, every plate does it’s best to achieve elusive, cuisine-defining balance of traditional and modern Korean cooking. Bann uses the finest ingredients prepared with the most diverse cooking techniques; presenting authentic flavors that delight the most discerning palate in approachable and creative ways. 

Jap Chaewok stir fried glass noodles with assorted vegetables, soy and sesame (vegetarian or beef)

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Our meal for the evening included, Bul Go Gi (Thinly sliced beef rib eye), Yun Aw (Atlantic salmon), and Sam Gyup Sal (lean pork belly)

Ssam Buns steamed buns with pickled shredded daikon and sweet soy (pork belly, beef bulgogi, chicken)

The succulent fresh meat and veggie roasting on the grill.

Steak, Chicken with Rice wrapped in tasty Bibb lettuce.

Bann’s warm inviting decor.

The Madfoodies after a delicious meal.

The Madfoodies take on the Pacific Coast.

Lolo and Eric had a wonderful day in Malibu, California. It was a beautiful day with a comfortable temperature of 89 degrees and the coastal water was a balmy 79 degrees, which anyone knows is wonderful for the west coast.

The Paradise Cove Cafe Restaurant we visited that day was a lovely seafood venue that had ocean delights we could only describe as a foodies treasure.

Paradise Cove in Malibu

Eric and Lolo’s lunch. Paradise Cove’s take on Fish Tacos!

You don’t get Fish Taco’s like this on the east cost

Eric’s ICED Seafood Sampler Huge and Meant to be Shared

Eric and Lolo by Paradice Cove Beach
The Madfoodies sign off at the end of a wonderful day.

This was the end of a great afternoon.